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Popfenster-Gastautor Sankil Jones stellt sich pünktlich zur Wiener Audienz von Superstar Mariah Carey die Frage, wieso die Diva eine der letzten lebenden echten Legenden im Musikbiz ist, was überhaupt eine Legende ausmacht und wieso es am Ende des Tages nur auf die Fans aufkommt.

There are three types of music legends:

The ones that are dead and therefore beloved and forgiven all their poor musical and personal choices… like Whitney, who went from crackhead to saint faster than u could say „Bobbyyyy“. Or Michael, who managed to turn his own, personal freak show around and ended up back on the charts.
Then there are the legends in the making. The top sellers that own the charts, who constantly get criticized for „selling out“ but have actually been around long enough to be considered true legends by far…Beyoncè, Justin or Britney have made (and continue to make) their mark on musical history and a surprising amount of younger artists are showing a high potential for longevity in today’s crazy media world.

And then there’s the living legend. The living legend is a rare, shy species that has enjoyed one or more career highs and is now…even though a household name…not so sure about its place within the entertainment industry anymore. The brand is still intact and the loyal fan base still alive…but who wants to see an icon like Madonna beg for likes and followers?? The living legend works hard to keep up with the worlds new, fast pace but fails more times than not (George Michael, anyone??) and tries to re-invent itself over and over again hoping to be or stay current…except for the one woman spectacle that is Mariah Carey.

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