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„Breaking Bad“ war wohl die aufsehenerregendste Serie diesen Jahres: Das Finale brach Quotenrekorde, über keine andere Serie wurde so viel getweetet wie über „Breaking Bad“. Kritiker und Fans überschlugen sich gleichermaßen vor Begeisterungsstürme und schon jetzt, wenige Monate nach dem Serienfinale, gilt „Breaking Bad“ als eine der besten Serien der TV-Geschichte. Noch nie zuvor wurde eine Charakterentwicklung so konsequent, so faszinierend und so kompromisslos gezeichnet wie jene in der Story rund um Walter White, dem All-American-Man, der zum gefürchtesten Drogenboss des Landes wird.

Deshalb hier, als kleiner Rückblick so zu sagen: die besten Zitate aus 5 Staffeln „Breaking Bad“.

In diesem Sinne: Frohe Weihnachten, bitches!

Good to meet you. Don’t drink and drive! But if you do, call me! (Saul Goodman)

You think I came all this way, just to let something as silly as lung-cancer take me down? Not a chance! (Walter White)

If you don’t know who I am… then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly. (Walter White)

I’m a dying man who runs a car-wash. My right hand to God… that is all that I am. (Walter White)

You need to stop focusing on the darkness behind you. The past is the past, nothing can change what we’ve done. (Walter White)

When we do what we do for good reasons, then we’ve got nothing to worry about. And there’s no better reason… than family. (Walter White)

Now I don’t know what kind of movies you’ve been watching, but even in the real world, we don’t kill 11 people as some kind of prophylactic measure. (Mike)

Yeah Bitch, Magnets! (Jesse)

We’re done when I say we’re done! (Walter White)

What’s the point of being an outlaw if I gotta have responsibilities? (Jesse)

I won. (Walter White)

Someone needs to protect this family from the man who protects this family. (Skyler)

Big doings today. The order of the day is ‚eyes open, mouth shut. (Mike)

What if this is like math? Or algebra? You know, you add a plus douchebag to a minus douchebag, then you get, like, zero douchebags. (Jesse)

Can you walk? Then get the fuck outta here and never come back. (Jesse)

Skyler, I have lived under the threat of death for a year now, and because of that, I’ve made choices. I alone should suffer the consequences of those choices, no one else. And those consequences… they’re coming. No more prolonging the inevitable. (Walter White)

You know what is okay to put in hot dogs? Huh? Pig lips and assholes. But I say, hey, have at it bitches ’cause I love hot dogs. (Jesse)

You’re the one that looks like you just crawled out of a microwave. (Jesse)

This my own private domicile, and I will not be harassed… bitch! (Jesse)

Gatorade me bitch! (Jesse)

Look, Skylar, I just haven’t quite been myself lately. I haven’t been myself lately, but I love you. Nothing about that has changed, and nothing ever will. So right now, what I need is for you to climb down out of my ass. Can you do that? Will you do that for me, honey? Will you please, just once, get off my ass. You know, I’d appreciate it. I really would. (Walter White)

You clearly don’t know who you’re talking to, so let me clue you in. I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot, and you think that of me? No! I am the one who knocks! (Walter White)

Yeah Mr. White! Yeah science! (Jesse)

Sitting around, smoking marijuana, eating Cheetos and masturbating do not constitute ‚plans.‘ (Walter White zu Jesse)

When you have children, you always have family. They will always be your priority, your responsibility. And a man, a man provides. And he does it even when he’s not appreciated or respected or even loved. He simply bears up and he does it. Because he’s a man. (Gustavo Gus Fring)

I pay my rent, bitch! I got civil rights! (Jesse)

You are a wealthy man now. One must learn to be rich. To be poor, anyone can manage. (Gustavo Gus Fring)

Fuck you! And your eyebrows! (Walter White)

Say my name. (Walter White)

Stay out of my territory. (Walter White)

All I can do is wait … for the cancer to come back. (Skyler zu Walter)

You’re my free pass … bitch. (Jesse zu Walter)

I’m not in the meth business. I’m in the empire business. (Walter White)

Chemistry is the study of transformation. (Walter White)

I did it for me. (Walter White)